8 Instagram Accounts That Helped Me Launch My Business

8 Instagram Accounts That Helped Me Launch My Business

Follow these IG accounts to launch a successful business of your own!

By Claudia Langella

Have you dreamt of becoming your own boss? Perhaps working from home last year signaled a career change. Whether you’re looking to start freelancing on the weekends or want to dive into entrepreneurship, you need to start somewhere. 

 Instagram is a treasure trove of information—virtually every industry relies on social media to grow business nowadays, and a number of entrepreneurs have just the content for budding business owners. Technology that allows us to access the biggest names in business is such a wonderful gift.  

 The accounts below offer not just inspirational quotes and videos but advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the decade. These seasoned professionals were in your shoes one day, and now they’re sharing their stories through books, podcasts, courses, webinars and so much more. If last year proved anything, it proved that anything can happen, so why not launch the business of your dreams in 2021? Nothing is stopping you. Follow the accounts below to get started.


Jasmine Star is a creator who wants your dreams to come true, too. Her feed is flooded with inspirational quotes and videos, and she even hosts her own podcast and courses all about turning your passions into profits. It’s true that you’ll never work a day in your life if you find a job you love doing.


“Imperfectly empowering women” is Jenna Kutcher’s life goal. Kutcher left a traditional job to start working as a photographer and hasn’t looked back since. She offers courses for those who are looking to be their own bosses—doesn’t that sound like a dream?


Gary Vaynerchuk started VaynerMedia in 2009 and his life changed forever. He is an immigrant and five time New York Times bestselling author who serves hundreds of Fortune 100 companies and owns a number of successful media outlets. Pick up one of his books to find out how to juggle everyday life while being a CEO!


You have probably heard of Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability. We could all benefit from listening to Brown’s advice, but aspiring entrepreneurs especially need to hear what she has to say. Brown hosts a podcast and has penned a number of books on finding success in your own life. There’s no better time to start than now!


At Create & Cultivate you’ll find so many tools for success. From daily blog posts to courses on marketing and strategies, this place is a treasure box. Think of it as an online community of women entrepreneurs who get shit done. Join their club today for keynote speeches, discounts and digital mentor sessions.


A motivational speaker, author, mother, CEO and investor, Kim Perell has a few tricks up her sleeve that will help motivate you to launch your business this year. She offers an incredible course on turning your side hustle into a profitable business by becoming an empowered entrepreneur.


Success comes from within, and Gabby Bernstein can show you how abundant your life can be just with one simple tool—manifestation. Named the “new thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey, Bernstein becomes your personal cheerleader through courses on mindfulness and abundance. As a business owner you’ll need to stay focused on your goals and Bernstein is here to help.


With Honors is a hub for female entrepreneurs. Their feed is full of great advice from some of the biggest names in business, fashion and media. Whether you want to start investing or have an itch to design a clothing line, this platform can help you out. Each month, members gain access to advice on social media marketing, business strategies and classes form self-made bosses.

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