Adeam F/W 2021 Collection Stole Our Hearts With Their Springtime Serendipity

Bringing the stunning imagined dream of Japanese craftsmanship with an ode to the Japanese spring, this collection stole the hearts with the springtime serendipity. The refreshing palette from the Japanese nature ‘washoku’, the stellar warmth in the choice of fabrics, the aesthetic blend of the prints and the timeless serenity of coordinates — this collection basked to unfurl the spring, in a very sophisticated way.

The show was shot in Meiji Kinenkan, the 1881 dining hall. It seamlessly mused with the organic collection, somewhere between luxury and practicality, captivating the hearts of her global audience. The collection had a wide range of voluminous silhouettes. The vibrant shades of red sprouted amidst the tranquil shades of camel and white. The most striking piece was the hoodie dress gathered with an asymmetrical hemline and the nontraditional kimono for the Spring outdoors.

Hanako Maeda presented a fresh breath of air to usher Spring with her thoughtful collection. It was inspired from the post pandemic positivity of her hometown, in Tokyo. With her fleeting business between Tokyo and New York, this collection captures the heritage of Maeda with Japanese artistry. The free flowing flounced hems, the repurposed stripes, the laid back white for the day, with playful reds and blacks for the Spring nights, and the layered trapeze juxtaposed with knitted sweaters. The collection was full of pleasant surprises wherever you looked. Unpredictable in the most beautiful way possible.

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