Brands We Love: Puff, Puff, Pass it to Sackville & Co.

By Betti Halsell

Cannabis has always been a seductive mistress; her aroma dancing around the nose and tantalizing all of one's senses. It’s hard not to partake in the clarity she brings when one ignites her rose pedals, creating a feeling of bliss and elevation. Sackville & Co.understands the luxury environment and the romance Mary J has to offer.

This brand is located on the fashion-forward website, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset. Sackville & Co. is a Woman-owned business, devoted to sharing the beauty of the bud. Sackville & Co. provides the luxury of puffing with smoldering elegance.


Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt came together under the mission of finding the lost romance of the rolling up petals of their favorite flower. They wanted “design-forward” products, no one keeps their stash in a shoe box under the bed anymore--if you do, you need an upgrade.

Dineen and Van Brunt did their homework. After experiential marketing, unique strategies, and their vast experience and knowledge, they found their niche market. Dineen and Van Brunt attended festivals like the Hall of Flowers, which is an industry-only trade show for businesses specializing in cannabis and affiliated products.They showcase products from a wide range of licensed firms that  feature traditional flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, accessories, and technology. Similar puffing packages are available on the OnFemme website. 

Cannabis is a lucrative industry, according to a quick google search, the annual profit for an average dispensary is $3 million a year. The Sackville ladies are in the right field of flowers, they are featured on the Forbes business site and Business of Fashion. These women took the cannabis industry by storm, here are the top four products we carry on the Onfemme website.


The Gold Signature Grinder is top of the line. It's four-tier with a mesh kief screen and bowl. The diamond-sharp teeth gives you grounded flower that feels like cashmere, ready to roll. The brush gold finish of the four-tiered grinder makes such a bold statement, there’s no reason to hide it away. You deserve the very best, let it be dripping in gold.


Adding to your gold collection, the Carry Case Keychain offered on OnFemme is discrete yet a statement piece. While everyone is carrying their vapes that look like bomb detonators, you will be carrying class. This very swanky gold keychain holder will keep your pre-roll nice and snug, and ready to take flight—whenever you are.


Ready for your smoke break, but don't feel like rolling up? Not to worry, these pre rolled cones include six individual cones in a pack, the cone can hold one gram of grounded flower. The cones are made of unbleached rice paper, and sealed with Arabic gum. Just grind, pack, and puff.


These Sackville & Co. luxury rolling papers will have you rolling perfection. They are made from 100% natural pure organic hemp with Arabic gum adhesive, the tips are then and slow burning, about 1 and ¼ measured paper.

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