Brands We Love: The Smell of An Evil Queen

Brands We Love: The Smell of An Evil Queen

By Betti Halsell

Evil Queen candles were inspired by the L.A. sarcasm that is breathed in so heavily in the west coast. Available at OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset, are a number of these refreshing scents, ready to keep the vibe soft and dimly lit. Owner and creator of said candles, Ida-Sofia Koivuniemi tells her story and how she came to have a burning passion for wax in a jar. 

The story of Evil Queen, starts off like any good fairy tale entrepreneur story, Koivuniemi was in her head while driving in the streets of Los Angeles, when she came upon a “not-so-unique” flower shop called “Basic Flowers.”

 The evil queen was tickled at the tongue-and-cheek arrogance of the name (so L.A.) and she caught the flame of entrepreneurship. She began her journey into creating her own business and landed in the house of wax. 

Koivuniemi was not the master artisan of crafting candles before Evil Queen was developed; according to this candle chick, it took a lot of patience and practice, before she made her candles perfectly evil. 

Queen Koivuniemi started her business as a one-woman ruling, but has since increased-- and continues to grow into a slow burning flame fest of success with her new queens on queue; Kylie and Raime. 

The Queen prides herself on the quality of her candles, they are made with 100% soy wax, and the fragrances are free from harmful chemicals. 

Soy candles are traditionally made with soy wax which is the solid form of soybean oil. The wax generally has a lower melting point so it makes for long lasting aromas wafting through the air, and Evil Queen has one for every vibe. 

They are hand-made in her small shop in Los Angeles, which means they are also vegan, cruelty free, and come with a bit of sarcasm. 

Here are some of the lit jars of wax with their described scent available at OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset:

Dark roasted coffee beans with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut for sweetness. And tears. Because we've all cried in the morning at least once. A rich, nostalgic hazelnut coffee blend with a touch of vanilla. ($30)


Sweet orange flowers with warm sandalwood and crushed tonka beans. ($30)


Sweet notes of vanilla, jasmine, and orchid lay softly on top of an earthy floral and woodland-inspired base. ($30)


Soft and bold at once, blending sweet and spicy notes of vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon, over a smoky, woodsy base. ($30)


Notes of watery pear, lily of the valley, and rose. Warm amber and vanilla as the base make you want to wander and linger in the woods! ($30)

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