I Tried Hemp Cigarettes, and This Happened....

I Tried Hemp Cigarettes, and This Happened....

Back in the early days of weed legalization, photoshopped boxes of “Marlboro Greens” were making their rounds on the net. The original intent was to add a little humor, but it’s now looking prescient. 

I no longer drink, but I definitely still enjoy a nice smoke. I’m a daily hookah smoker, occasionally smoke cigars, and also am amenable to trying some recreational cannabis. It’s a vice that a lot of people don’t agree with, but hey, no one’s perfect.

One thing I’m not into, despite my love of smoking, is cigarettes. They just never really had a hold on me. As much as I don’t like Marlboros or Newports, I do love the idea of being able to carry your smokables in an easy to use pack. It’s what drew me to cigarillos and why I vape CBD from time to time. 

That being said, I know smoking tobacco is pretty horrible for you. I mean, I lost my dad to lung cancer. So, I’ve lately started to shift my smoking to CBD strains of hemp. One of the newer things I found was hemp cigarettes. They were at my local smoke shop, and they contained no nicotine.

The Packaging Was What Got Me

Back in the early days of weed legalization, photoshopped boxes of “Marlboro Greens” were making their rounds on the net. The original intent was to add a little humor, but it’s now looking prescient. 

The Wild Hemp “cigarettes” looked almost identical to the way people envisioned cannabis cigarettes back in the day. Later on, Philip Morris actually did start selling Marlboro “M” brand cigarettes that had cannabis in them instead of tobacco. So, it was very prescient.

I’m not gonna lie, I was into the packaging primarily because of the fact that it looks so much like something from a dispensary. It was pretty and still edgy. Me, being an impulsive brat, bought them up as a way to get more CBD use in my life.

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I Took One Out…

I don’t know what I was expecting when I took a “hemparettes” out of the box. What I found was pretty cute, though. The cigarettes have little “weed” logos on them and continue their green theme.

I Was Nervous About Smoking Them In Public

Before I get into this, I’ll start by pointing out that New Jersey isn’t a “green state,” and if you’re found carrying green without a medical card, you can get in trouble. So, holding a box that looked like it was filled with cannabis cigarettes felt a little scary at first.

The look alone made me nervous, but there was also the scent issue. They also smelled a lot like cannabis, though the scent was way lighter than real ganja. That said, I realized I couldn’t be arrested for smoking hemp. So, I lit one up.



The first time I lit up, I was walking down the street of my town. The first thing that I noticed was that the hemparettes really, really smell like cannabis when they’re lit up. That being said, it was just different enough to make some ambiguity go on. 

Still, there’s something to be said about the number of people who turned and stared at me. I probably won’t be smoking these outside my apartment, simply because I’d be concerned about upsetting my landlord.

So Let’s Talk Effects

Smokable CBD products are starting to really take off in New Jersey, and that’s actually a good thing. The hemp cigarettes I bought have no cannabis or tobacco in them. The only thing they have is CBD, which is meant to calm you down and also ease up on pain that you might be experiencing. 

When I smoked them, it took a while to actually feel the effects. The only thing I can really say about the flavor is that it was smooth, yet herbal. Unlike CBD gummies, the effects are subtle. After about 20 minutes, a nice mellow wave of calmness started to come over me.

Overall, It Was An Interesting Experience

I definitely would say that hemp cigarettes are a unique experience, and definitely a different way of enjoying the hemp and cannabis explosion that’s been happening. They’re relaxing, and I personally find them to be a nice way to avoid smoking cigarettes. The more accepting people get of this trend, the more I think people will want to try them.



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