M. M. LaFleur Pledges To Provide Free Clothing To Any Woman Running For Public Office

As much as I despise office politics,  one must dress the part when running for office. Professional clothing guru, Sarah Lafleur decided to let the clothes do the talking. Her designer brand M.M. Fleur started a program for any women running for office; they are able to select some essential pieces from the M.M. Fleur website to be on loan for their campaign. Now this is what I call support. 

The clothing collection “ Ready to Run” debuted early February, showcasing a new program established by M.M.Fleur, “ that vows to lend clothing at no cost to women running for any level of public office.” The mission is to “ take the work out of dressing for work.” (That’s clever)

The Foster Pant, $195

The Cynthia Dress, $295

The Mejia Pant, $225

The Merritt Jardigan, $225


Ranging from House of Representatives to city council , M.M. Fleur is looking to support the political side of the wardrobe. They want to eliminate the challenge of looking “the part.” The inspiration for this program came from conversations with customers after the 2016 election. There was overwhelming feedback that there should be more support for women to run for office. 

I’m here for all of it, to participate: one brave soul can email the company with their name, credentials, and a description of the office they are running for. After all boxes are checked and the potential candidate is approved, they can check out the library, and select up to five items from the M.M. Fleur website. Candidates can keep the items until they are elected or dropped from the race; whichever comes first. Just to let you know, this is definitely a labor of love for the M.M. Fleur brand, the resources for this project are coming straight out of the company budget. Clothes don’t make the man, but now women can look damn good running the world thanks to the M.M Fleur brand.



Written by: Betti Halsell 

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