Spotlight: Awakening, Empowering, and Surviving with Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC)

By Betti Halsell

Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) sits at the precipice for non-profit organizations that highlight severe health challenges. They have been proactive in educating and supporting the youth to be more familiar with early detection and overall awareness of breast cancer. Since their mission started in 1996, they have prepared over 1,000,000 young adults for the reality that surrounds the importance of prevention and treatment.

With increased engagement, the organization has grown into a big family; creating massive events that look to uplift and encourage every stage and walk of life. It started with Monica Steward, at age 26, she inspired her friends to be the voice of early detection. Monica was a warrior of Breast Cancer, but due to a late diagnosis, she wasn't able to fully prepare for battle. She passed two years later after being diagnosed.



Monica Steward

Monica was known for her encouragement, she set aside her energy to tell her allies in the snowboarding industry to use their platform for education, bring awareness to breast cancer, and her friends, Lisa Hudson, Dawn Kish, and Kathleen Gasparini championed with many others to keep Monica’s mission alive. They gained support from various media outlets and clothing brands; capturing the brave spirit Monica harnessed. The aligned mission led Hudson and the rest of the B4BC family to host their first annual Snowboard + Music Festival event.

25 years later, B4BC has raised over $600,000 through Snowboard + Music Festivals. The event earnings has uplifted The Breast Cancer Fund, The Susan G. Komen Foundation,The Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research, and many more.

Over 200 grants have been given to young Breast Cancer warriors that look to attend Chasing Sunshine Wellness Retreats, and over $250,000 in grants have been awarded to local communities as well; this was all made possible through B4BC ‘s renown Shred the Love and Skate the Skateboard-a-thon campaigns.

For B4BC the mission is clear, according to their website, there are three main goals,” prepare young people with education on early detection, promote the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention, and provide survivor support for those affected by breast cancer.”

B4BC is now ready to take it up a notch with their new fundraising initiative, Love Your Peaks. It is a virtual breast cancer prevention campaign; available in resorts nationwide until April 14. Its about being active, staying engaged, and remaining solid during times of distress. Love your Peaks is presented by Suja Organic and participation is effortless, everyone is one click away to virtually shredding the slopes in the name of Breast Cancer. Click here to learn more.

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