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Must Shop Sustainable Fashion Brands You Don't Know About

Sustainability is catching on in fashion, and it’s not a trend for the season. The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, contributing to the climate emergency that we have found ourselves in as of late. Sure, your shirt from last season is cute, but did you know that its production probably ruined a waterway? Nowadays there is a way to save the Earth while looking cute — enter the sustainable brand. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite shops that produce products with the environment in mind. Whether they donate to organizations fighting climate change or source quality materials in a sustainable fashion, these brands are doing the most when it comes to preserving the environment....

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Chandrah Hampton: A Heroine Of Breast Cancer Winning The Battle Before It Even Started

Chandra Hampton was looking forward to that change; she needed rest from being on top of her game in corporate America while simultaneously running her own fitness business on the side. She planned for a trip to Italy using the Dipaways boutique travel brand, Hampton plotted her next journey to restoration. But life has a way of creating unexpected excursions that one cannot plan for.  Three weeks prior to the trip, Chandra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.    Written by: Betti Halsell

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