The Essential Piece Every Babe Needs in Her Kloset: A Stylist

Look babe, I know better than anyone that finding the right dress for prom, HOCO, weddings, pageants, you name it isn’t easy. The search has to start months in advance and you could have this glamorous idea of what you’re going to look like in your head that never ever transitions into real life because that perfect dress doesn’t exist. 

Or does it?

Ask yourself something. How many times have you picked the next best thing because you were exhausted and if you even looked at another evening gown you would collapse right there in the middle of the dressing room? I almost did that exact same thing when looking for my WEDDING DRESS of all things. I felt like I had tried on at least a million dresses and that the dress that screamed me didn’t exist. That was until I got a stylist. 

I’m going to tell you something you might not want to hear. You could style yourself in the best streetwear anyone’s ever seen, but you can be an absolute wreck when it comes to styling yourself for formal events. You can walk into a store saying you want this specific look but the dress you love is the exact opposite (cue me sheepishly raising my hand). I’ll say it again and I’ll say it a million times: You.👏 Need.👏 A.👏Stylist👏!!

Lucky for you Lindsey’s Kloset is the one stop shop for both formal wear and a kick ass stylist that’ll have you never wanting to take off that perfect dress. Here’s a little sneak peek of what you could be wearing to your next big event. 

Jessica Angel Collection: Ava (Style 737)

This sleek mermaid style dress by Jessica Angel is perfect for those ladies you need by your side on your big day. It’s designed for those picky babes because (I mean look at it) it looks great on every girl, no matter her body shape. And this ash rose color looks flawless on every skin tone. 

Terani Couture: Timeless 

Whether you’re about to walk the red carpet or you just want to look bangin’ at your next big event, this mermaid style dress by Terani Couture will make heads roll. It’s definitely a statement piece, even with minimal accessorizing, so you can imagine what it looks like all glammed up.  

Kendall + Kylie: Studio 54 Jumpsuit

So, dresses aren’t your thing. But this might be. Jumpsuits are taking formal wear by storm and you can be guaranteed to make one helluvan entrance in this Kendall + Kylie piece. No one said you had to wear a dress to prom, so strut on in there with this sickening jumpsuit.

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