These Accessories Are Making Smoking Cannabis Chic AF

These Accessories Are Making Smoking Cannabis Chic AF

By Fiona McDonnell

With cannabis becoming legal in many states across the country, a lot of us have been reaching to THC to help take the edge off. With that comes a new opportunity for accessories! After all, no one said you couldn’t make smoking chic.

These unique cannabis-themed items will not only make you the envy of your “puff squad”, but also double as absolutely adorable home decor and clothing. These are not your average smoking accessories.

These pieces are a super fun way to add a bit of personality. Look no further than On Femme for all the your smoke collection must haves. Edie Parker’s Table Top Candle Lighter is the perfect piece for any coffee table. It’s a vintage-inspired lighter complete with a matching ashtray? Not only does this double as a fun conversation starter but it's an effortless way to bring a room together. Pair this with Sackville’s Signature Grinder and you've got an unstoppable set!

These pipes are cherry-on-top additions to your collection. Whether it's a discreet place to put your joint, a whimsical pipe, or even a set of pipes that doubles as glass fruit, these fun pieces are guaranteed to make any smoke sesh better. Chill out anywhere with Sackville’s Carry Case Keychain. And if pipes are more your preference, you can’t go wrong with either Yew Yew’s Blush Half Circle, or these quirky Glass Fruit by Edie Parker.

One thing that all of us need (especially these days) is a super comfy outfit that is cute enough to wear while running errands, but also something you can just lounge around the house in. This sweatshirt, bucket hat combo from Sundae School’s streetwear line is a must for any cannabis lover. Plus, the designs are so fun that even your friends who don't smoke will love them.

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