Trending with OnFemme: The 70s Are Taking Over Spring/Summer Style 2021

By Betti Halsell

The 70’s was an era about finding one’s frequency and tuning into higher vibrations. The culture was eclectic and came with radical statements. Most of those exclamation points were channeled through the clothing; with chunky jewelry, hypnotic patterns, and liberated hemlines that looked to express the sensation of one’s body. It was an era of escape, from the 1960s mod-structured status quo, and it looks like the wave in 2021 is aligning with those of the past. Here are the top seven trends that are vibing with the 1970s freeform style:


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In the mid-sixties, eyewear had a tailored look; the lenses were black and the rims were thick and also black, (think ray-bans) but somewhere in the late-60s there was a shift. Moving into the 1970s, eyewear became gaudy and over-the-top. The era was breaking free from the plain Jane, and getting more into the avant-garde.


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The 1970s were very much associated with being on a “good trip”, the prints were flowy, organic, and abstract, one could get lost in elevation just by staring at someone’s outfit. They constructed bold shapes and incorporated embellished floral and paisley designs. The patterns of the 1970s pulled from the art-nouveau style, adding heavy saturation for a psychedelic vibe. The lines would lead up to swirls and the flowers would blown out, exploding with color.


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There is no way one could talk about the seventies, and not mention the bell shape pattern. Their were bell-shape sleeves and the infamous bell bottoms that ruled this era. The bell bottom was an international staple of style in 1970s; that little extra flare shaped the whole era for eternity.


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The bra top or halter top was a statement of liberation for women; showing skin was a way to show freedom. It was an expression of female empowerment in addition to the rise to free love and sensual boom that happened during the time. Some were simple with a sweetheart neckline, others had collars, or fringe at the bottom, the exposure was key in expressing new reign of freedom that was upon the world for women.


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Knitwear was huge in the 1970s, the texture was dramatic but loose enough to go with the flow. The patterns meshed well with the bohemian style and the linked texture of thick yarn provided abstract silhouettes and met the demand of being avant-garde and out of this world.


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The trouser suits represented power, balance and coordination. It was a spin off Androgyny but yet it gave off a vibe of sex appeal in a business like setting. The trouser suit is the bridge between formal and informal, its the epitome of “day-to-night” outfits.


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