Who is 𝖘aṃ𝖘āra and why are they always eating?

I first stumbled upon Samsara when a passive scroll through my instagram discover page led me to the aesthetic catharsis that is @Zoomthashit. At first glance, paparazzi style shots catch the fashionable pair in a series of afternoon jaunts, accompanied by street style coordination and an omnipresent array of brightly hued fast-food packaging. One post finds the two in monochromatic light pink sweats a la pale pink Kit-Kats, while another more tame snap sees them at home engrossed in earth-toned hues, sipping almond colored espressos alongside a gilded floor-length mirror. Boasting 70.2K followers and a feed more ambiguously gratifying than a Kardashian peripheral, we took it upon ourselves to find out what most of us have been wondering for a little too long: Who is Samsara?  

Photo via [   @Zoomthashit   ]

Photo via [@Zoomthashit]

“@ZoomthaShit started as a game,” Sara begins, “We took pictures together, posted them on our shared profile online, [and] slowly they took hold on instagram.” Fashion and Costume Sciences Students SamSara — a first name combo of the Brazilian Born Samuel Batista (21) and Rome native Sara Morsillo (22) — first met in the halls of Sapienza University of Rome, and have ‘never left each other.’ The creative duo’s imaginative work transcends the typical logo-heavy Street Style popularized throughout Milan, by highlighting a fleet of fashionable products that the average follower can fit within his/her budget. “In Italy, luxury street style is made up of large, expensive brands that are well exposed … the logo mania reigns! In America and England our followers’ street style is within reach. Anyone can be stylish.” The overflow of talent and self-expression between the two is obvious. More admirable is an ability to conceive a visual dialogue tinged with satirical, high-brow humor. “Real conversations are created… Our followers come [from everywhere] and they all agree on the intrinsic irony of our photos.” 

Photo via   [   @Zoomthashit   ]

Photo via [@Zoomthashit]

While it was not beyond either of us that we were both completing the interview during the height of an international health pandemic (Samsara quarantined in Rome and myself in New York), the couple made it clear that they are still fiercely committed to content creation and inspiring their followers through more ‘strategic’ shots. “This very difficult time has pushed us. Fashion is a means of expression,” Samsara highlights “…simple and spontaneous photos can make everyone, in this same strange situation, feel closer.” On a typical afternoon however, when discussing what generally inspires their day-to-day looks, Samsara immediately cites ‘every new adventure that presents itself’ — ranging from random tourists, a travel memory, or new trends seen on the runway. Not surprisingly, SamSara’s besotted admiration with Balenciaga, Jacquemus, and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh are just a glimpse into what they one day hope to accomplish. Alluding to a career in fashion after University, @Zoomthashit has no plans to slow down anytime soon, “certainly our goal for the future is to work in the field that we love and have studied; to devote all of our time to this passion.” 

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