DELOUIE, originally named "Sunnyskies Bracelets," started as a hobby during quarantine in July 2020. We created elevated, handmade friendship bracelets and sent them to our friends all over the country to add some positive vibes in an otherwise bleak time. We received some amazing feedback and decided to start an Instagram account documenting our creations. As our following started rapidly growing, we decided "Sunnyskies Bracelets" no longer described the brand we were becoming. And so, DELOUIE was born. Inspiration behind our name came from a combination of our minimalistic, Parisian aesthetic and a spinoff of the creator's beloved Spanish boyfriend's last name. Paired with a chic line drawing of half a face, our logo represented everything we had hoped it would portray.


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Star Tarot Necklace - ONFEMME By Lindsey's KlosetStar Tarot Necklace - ONFEMME By Lindsey's Kloset
Star Tarot Necklace
Sale price$75.00
The Maria - ONFEMME By Lindsey's KlosetThe Maria - ONFEMME By Lindsey's Kloset
The Maria
Sale price$80.00

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