Here's How to Make Friends in NYC

Here's How to Make Friends in NYC

New Yorkers admittedly get a bad rap for being rude, unfriendly, and always in a rush (hey, I’m walkin’ here!). However, in my almost two years of living in the city, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the people I’ve encountered––minus the crazies on the subway. That doesn’t make moving to NYC and making friends any less intimidating, though. If you’re new to the city, don’t despair––there are some sure-fire ways to make great friends and get out of your apartment. Plus, once you make one friend, they can introduce you to their friends, who will introduce you to their friends. Next thing you know, you have a nice big group for weekly trivia nights!

Here are my tips and tricks:

Bumble BFF

While it seems strange to search for friends in a dating app setup, I know many people who have found success with Bumble BFF. It’s a super simple way to find friends who have similar interests. Also, a lot of the people on the app are new to New York as well, so you can plan fun friend dates and explore the city together.

Pick a favorite spot

Whether it’s your neighborhood coffee shop or favorite bar, pick a place to be a regular at. You’ll get to know the baristas or bartenders and you’ll probably end up chatting with some of the locals, which leads to making friends! Even if you don’t make friends right away, you’ll have a spot that feels homey and comfortable. 

Join a club

Look for Facebook groups or check out flyers around your neighborhood to join a club that matches your interests! You can easily find a group of people that play soccer, chess, or go on runs! This is a perfect way to get out and about and explore the city while (usually) being active.

Museum events

Museums like the Met or MOMA have special events for young people in New York, which are usually free and have snacks and drinks. You can meet other cool people while seeing some of the best art in the world. Check out their websites and social media to find out when they’re putting on the next event.

Approach people

Okay, this is the scariest one. While it’s definitely intimidating, if you see someone in a coffee shop and you like their jacket, just tell them! Giving a stranger a compliment is an easy way to strike up a conversation and make a friend. A lot of people are also lonely and looking for friends, so chatting with someone new can lead to great results.

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