The Reality of a Ludicrously Capacious Bag

The Reality of a Ludicrously Capacious Bag

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HBO’s Succession is known for portraying overt and inaccessible displays of wealth, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Gossip Girl glory days, and a recent scene is bringing attention to a more subtle way of demonstrating class. For those living under a rock, the infamous “ludicrously capacious bag” comment comes from two immorally wealthy men assuming a woman’s class based on the large Burberry purse she’s carrying. Sure, it’s ironic that they’re inferring a woman is “poor” based on a bag that retails for nearly $3,000, but the characters do bring attention to the luxury of carrying around a ludicrously compact bag or even no bag at all.

The pain of lugging around an oversized bag full of various electronics, chargers, and yes, necessities like flats for the subway or a lunch pail, is all too real for workers in America who rely on public transportation. While most of us choose a more low-key tote or even the New Yorker staple, a Telfar bag (that’s a lot less expensive than $3,000), a big ball full of stuff is crucial to surviving a day of jumping from job to job or avoiding the expense of eating out for lunch.

While it seems strange that a size of a bag, and not just its brand name, can signify someone’s class status, it makes sense when considering the realities of being in the cushy upper class. For the elite, a car is always waiting outside or a driver is just one call away. There’s no need for a purse full of headphones, metro cards, snacks, and notebooks. A wallet isn’t even necessary when purchases are just an Apple Pay tap away or you’re at a members-only establishment with a line of credit. Such a phenomenon plays into the quiet luxury trend because there’s no need to show off with a designer handbag when you’re so wealthy you don’t even need to carry one (or can hire someone to carry it for you).

The nuances of the upper crust that we see in a fictional show like Succession may be entertaining to watch because of the drama of the obscenely wealthy, but they do call attention to some of the more messed up aspects of modern wealth inequality. Does HBO do this intentionally á la The White Lotus or is it purely to create meme-worthy moments? Who knows. In the meantime, those of us without trust funds and private chauffeurs will carry our capacious bags with pride while attempting to ignore the resulting back pain.

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