What's Your Summer Vibe?

What's Your Summer Vibe?

It’s June. Yay! That means summer is here and it’s time to dress accordingly.

It’s June. Yay! That means summer is here and it’s time to dress accordingly. There are a lot of different tactics you can take for your summer aesthetic. Whether you’re settling on one vibe for the summer or are down to play around, ONFEMME has some great options. Check out the aesthetics below and let us know which vibe you’re feeling for the summer!

Old Money 

Repopularized by Sofia Richie, everyone (including Kylie Jenner) is embracing the classically chic style you’ll likely see on a trophy wife in the Hamptons. To embrace the trend, stick to neutrals or a pop of bold solid color, silver or gold jewelry, and slicked-back hair.

1. Romper 2. T-Shirt 3. Trousers

Prairie Chic

If you want to feel like you’re running through a field of wildflowers all summer, you need gauzy linens and eyelet lace blouses. Wind-tussled wavy hair not included.

1. Blouse 2. Dress 3. Skirt

‘90s Prep

To embody a country club princess running errands after a game of tennis, you’re gonna want to wear anything and everything collared. Pleated skirts or tailored shorts are a must, and make sure to pair cute longer socks with your sneakers.

1. Sports Bra 2. Shirt 3. Skort


The trend of the summer! Anything shimmery, sparkly, scaly, or cool-toned is welcome. When in doubt, think of what Ariel would pair with her seashell bra.

1. Pants 2. Net Top 3. Top

Casual ‘n Sporty

I get it, it’s hot in the summer and you might get sweaty. A simple t-shirt and shorts are never a crime, as long as it’s a cute graphic tee or the perfect pair of biker shorts.

1. Shorts 2. Crop Top 3. Track Pants

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